One Knight Stand

If chivalry isn’t already dead, then at the very least, it seems to have passed its best-before date.

Gone are the days of the chivalrous knight in his shining armour – a knight who would slay any number of dragons to rescue a beautiful princess. A knight who would hold the castle gates open for said princess to walk through. A knights who would pull out a throne for the princess to sit upon during a banquet, pay the full bill for said banquet and then, at the end of the evening, would walk the princess back to the portcullis of her own castle.

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Love is simple.

About three months ago I was sitting on a couch, listening to a couple of my friends discuss the idea of marriage. Neither of them took what could be called a “traditional” view on the subject and it was probably mere moments before I began raining my Catholic opinion down upon them like the ten plagues of Egypt.

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